CATERING MENU (Office or Home) December 02 2015


We present a wide variety of catering menu to serve all your dietary needs, healthy, hearty and delicious. Delight your guests with the flavors of fresh & exotic spices.
Choose from finger foods or hot dinners, there is something for everyone. We have lactose and gluten free options.
We can plan a menu according to your needs:
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The Weather: Wreaking Havoc on Health April 16 2015


The Weather: Wreaking Havoc on Health

Allergy season is here, and I suffer quite a bit, and I see a lot of people around me who don’t have allergies, but are not feeling that great either.  Here is an interesting article that clears up some things about this wonderful change of the seasons:

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Hiking in Switzerland April 16 2015


Hiking in Switzerland

The sun is bright and warm, and after being stuck indoors all winter long, it is now time to open all the window in the house, get those hiking/running/walking shoes and heading out, to enjoy the warmth and beauty of this country we live in.  I’ll be honest, I am not a runner, I don’t enjoy it much, and I watch with great envy as all those joggers enjoy the crisp fresh air. But I do love being in the outdoors, so we try to get out and do a bit of hiking, be it just in the forest behind our house or going to Saas Grund and hiking up to Saas Fee. Here is a wonderful page full of fascinating ideas for hiking or having an adventure:

MIT Programming for Kids April 16 2015

MIT Programming for Kids

Designed by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab, it is a wonderful free resource, designed for kids between 8 to16 to teach them how to code.
In this day and age our kids are becoming quite computer savvy, Scratch helps enhance their creativity, teaching them programming concepts.

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Falaque on TripAdvisor November 11 2014

Good authentic food, big quantities, and quick service. Nice ambience if you're eating at the restaurant (only a few tables). They've got a delivery service for the villages nearby for a small fee and what I like most is that you can place your order by internet on their site and have everything ready to take away when you get...

Falaque @ Living in Nyon by Catherine Nelson-Pollard November 11 2014

A New York concept in Nyon – Healthy take away food from Falaque

When Sharin Hossain first moved to Vaud in 2006 she was surprised at how difficult it was to get a healthy takeaway or delivery service in the area. Having previously lived in New York, she was used to the convenience and choice of dial up food delivery services. Finding nothing similar here, Sharin spotted a gap in the market and set about creating her own take-away business. She prepared a healthy selection of Bangladeshi dishes cooked in her own kitchen in the village of Crans...

Secure online payment with Visa and Mastercard November 05 2014

We now accept secure online payment with Visa and Mastercard.