Finger Foods - Appetizers

SFr. 30.00

Choice of any 7 appetizers

10 people minimum - please call to customize party selection

Please order 2 days ahead of time.


 Cold Dishes – per person 

  1. Quinoa Salad verrine - quinoa with bell peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes with a honey mustard sauce)
  2. Couscous salad verrine - Couscous, feta cheese, chickpeas, cucumber, tomato, parsley in a lime dressing
  3. Hummus with pita bread - Dip made of chickpeas, tahini, garlic & lime juice
  4. Babaganoush with pita bread - Dip made of roasted aubergine, paprika, garlic & tahni
  5. Cucumber Raita - Yoghurt, cucumber, coriander leaves with fresh ground cumin
  6. Tabouleh, parsley salad - Parsley, tomato, spring onions, bulgur in a lime dressing


Warm Dishes – 1 pc per person 

  1. Chicken curry pasties - Chicken & peas cooked with spices in a pastry puff shell & baked
  2. Minced beef pasties - Lean minced beef cooked with bell peppers & stuffed in a pastry puff shell & baked
  3. Vegetable samosa - Potatoes & peas cooked with cumin and stuffed in a pastry shell & deep fried
  4. Onion bhaji - deep fried onions, coriander leaves & spices in a chickpea batter
  5. Salmon quiche - salmon with egg custard in a pastry base
  6. Fatayer - Lebanese feta and spinach pasties
  7. Tuna kebabs - tuna, potatoes cakes with coriander leaves, onions, mint leaves with a homemade bread crumb crust and deep fried
  8. Chicken wings - chicken wings stuffed with cheese, coriander leaves & mint and grilled