Party Catering Main Course

SFr. 20.00

Choice of 2 vegetables + 2 main courses + rice 

10 people minimum - please call to customize party selection

Please order 2 days ahead of time.

**Lamb will be 3chf more per person

    Vegetarian Dishes (can be vegan)

    1. Niramishi (mixed vegetables) - Cauliflower, carrots, sweet potatoes, celery root & peas cooked with 5 spice
    2. Saag Aloo - Spinach & potatoes with chilli flakes, mustard oil & garlic
    3. Courgette & Potato Bhaji - Courgette, tomatoes & potatoes cooked with garlic & coriander leaves
    4. Aubergine & sweet potato green curry with coconut milk
    5. Matter Paneer - paneer cheese cooked with peas in a smokey and spicy tomato sauce
    6. Tadka Daal - Mix of split pea lentils & birds eye lentils with roasted garlic and cumin
    7. Courgette Daal - Courgette, mung & split peas lentils cooked with coriander leaves, cinnamon, cloves
    8. Daal Makhani - red kidney beans with mixed lentils in a tomato base and coconut milk 
    9. Saag Daal - Spinach & mung lentils cooked with garam masala

    Main Courses

    1. Chicken Jhal in a mild sauce with bell peppers, tomatoes & coriander leaves
    2. Chicken Achari with 5 grain spices (panch phoron), tomatoes & tamarind
    3. Chicken Bhuna with our homemade garam masala & coconut milk
    4. Chicken Korma  slow cooked a aromatic homemade yoghurt sauce
    5. Chicken Tikka Masala smokey, spicy tomato sauce finished with a touch of cream
    6. Spicy Chicken Green Curry with kefir lime & coconut milk
    7. Beef Keema Mirch lean minced beef with bell peppers, tomatoes, cumin & coriander leaves
    8. Beef Rezala lean beef steak pieces with a yoghurt sauce (raisins optional)
    9. Beef Karahi with 5 grain spices and a spicy tomato sauce
    10. Beef Kofta oven grilled meatballs in an aromatic yoghurt sauce with garlic & ginger
    11. Lamb Rogan Josh with a mix of aromatic spices, tomatoes & Kashmiri chilli (+3chf)
    12. Lamb Rezala with raisins in a yoghurt sauce with garlic & ginger (+3chf)
    13. Lamb Bengali Curry traditional curry with garam masala (+3chf)
    14. Fish (pangasus) or shrimps achari with 5 grain spices 
    15. Fish (pangasus) or shrimps bhuna with garam masala & coconut milk
    16. Salmon (filets) tikka masala in a smokey tomato sauce

    Basmati Rice 

    1. Vegetable Pilaf - with carrots, peas & corn
    2. Shahi Pilaf - with fried onions, nuts & raisins (optional)
    3. Saffron pilaf - with saffron
    4. Cumin pilaf – with cumin & cinnamon